Save yourself a trip and just buy one of each. Because its impossible to pick a favorite when they all have that great fragrance you finally found.

I try a different one everyrime i see them on a shelf. Each one has wowed my sences as well as any company that pops in. Oh ya and the art work and design is so cool thats what got me over there cracking lids and sniffing each one. You cant pick a favorite design either they are all very cool and fun to look at. Thanks for making a great product that actually does what it says. ….
Corey Cullen

Corey Cullen

Fallin leaves

Well well I finally burnt my first candle down. I have gotten. 3 other flavours since. Fallen leaves has a warm glow. Yellow wax and smells light and lovely. I gifted them to my friends and family. Can’t wait to gift myself one next time I hit up zagas the store I get them at home in pg bc Canada


Awesome sauce

So I’ve used the spray and always wanted to find the candle and boom! I found it at the gas station near me home. Happy Daze is a great name for the scent that comes from it. Simply one happy hippie 4:20 customer


Smells so good!!

These candles smell so good an they work great! I’ve almost purchased every scent an they all smell good an get rid of smoke smell.

Joey hernandez

Great Candles

Luv them there candles they are smelling gooooood

Barry Pardue

Best smelling candles

These candles smell so good an they get rid of that nasty smoke smell. I absolutely love these candles. They work great an smell amazing

Brandon Juarez

These work so well I give them to friends and family!

I have been using these Odor Exterminating candles and sprays for years. I love them so much I give them to my family and friends to use too. Quality products that really work!

Meg L.

Really Work!

I have tried so many odor eliminating products and yours are the first ones that really worked!

70 Hours of Use

These candles are awesome! I order 12 at a time and each one is true to its scent. You truly get 70 hours of use from each candle. No smoker’s smell left here!! Five stars all the way…

The Best

You have the best candles I have found anywhere.

They Work Wonders!

We love your candles and sprays…they work wonders removing unwanted odors! We give them for gifts every holiday and we are always asked where they can buy more when they run out!

Lavender with Chamomile

I always buy two or three at a time. Nice to have extras to give to good friends. My favorite is the Lavender w/Chamomile-I love it!

Ally K

I love the candles

I love the smoke odor candles. They mask the smells completely! Every time someone enters my home the first thing they always say is that it smells so lovely! Thank you Smoke Odor Candles!

Whitney L.


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